The Recipe For Success

Why talk about success as a recipe? Because the successful people I’ve been reading about have so many commonalities and specific routines that they may as we’ll be ingredients.

Here’s my proposition: sit down and think about who you want to become. Not what, but who. Now study that person. Pretend they’re an actual person and follow them through their day. What do they do with their time? Whatever it is, make a list of a few things that that person does every day.

See where I’m going with this? Take that list, and do those things every day. I’ve heard lots of people say things like, “I’d love to be a writer.” But when I ask how much they write every day they say they don’t. Well…it seems the main thing writers do is write, so how are you going to become a writer if you don’t write?

When we follow this recipe for the person we want to become, we literally become that person. We do what they do. Just follow the recipe – IRRATIONAL LIVING,LLC