The Secrets To Success – Oh Yes, There Are Secrets!

I’ve done over a year of research on some of the most successful people in the world, and I’ve also read about many of those people in research done by Napoleon Hill, Earl Nightingale, and others. What they have found, and what I have found, in a more modern setting, is astonishing.

There are “secrets” to success, small habits that successful people have and take advantage of on a daily basis, and they all lead to their overwhelming success in every single case.

1) Goal Setting – these people all had specific monetary/relationship/social goals set for themselves, and many of them reminded themselves daily. Earl Nightingale suggests keeping your goal written on an index card in your pocket, and reading it several times every day.
2) Unwavering Belief – this is perhaps the most important, but behind the first because they needed something in which to believe. They had unwavering faith that they would succeed, despite the odds, despite the difficulty, and despite the people laughing at them. You’re going to go through difficult times on your way to reaching your goal. Expect it to happen, and prepare yourself. Getting through them is what separates the winners from the quitters.
3) Resiliency – because of this faith in themselves, they were able to bounce back from any small failures and keep pressing on. Even more important was their ability to LEARN from each failure. Every time you fail should serve as a learning experience. Learn what to do and what not to do. Failures are really just steps to success.
4) Using the subconscious mind – they all made use of the power of their subconscious mind, tapping its potential on a daily basis through visualization, affirmation, and association. If you don’t know how to do this, you may want to explore some of my other blog posts on the subject, or listen to speakers talk about the law of attraction.
5) Action – nothing is anything without action. They acted on their beliefs and ideas, and you have to as well. You can think and wish and hope and visualize as much as you want, but until you couple those things with action, nothing will get done.

Five things that have worked countless times for so many people. Start using these principles in your life and mark the difference they make – IRRATIONAL LIVING, LLC

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