top reminding us how PDP ruined Nigeria, start work – Bishop tells Buhari

Well said Bishop. Jonathan’s Administration for all intent and purposes was not a failure as Buhari and his party APC will want to constant harp on Nigerians. It has become a mantra that is repeatedly said in every public gathering.

What are we see in the 2 months of Buhari’s Administration, Lack of direction, Nepotism, Impunity, Human rights abuses, Tribalism, insecurity, Economic woes, depreciation of the Naira etc. 

Read the Bishop’s comment below as reported by the Daily Post.

Buhari will not force Ministers, aides to take pay cut –Presidency

The General Overseer of Trinity Gospel Mission, Delta State, Rt. Rev Diamond Emuobor, has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to stop reminding Nigerians how the former ruling party ruined the country.

Emuobor urged the President to go ahead and and lead Nigeria ‘out of the woods’ and stop bemoaning the alleged ‘mishandling’ of the country by the opposition, Peoples Democratic Party, PDP for 16 years.

Emuobor, in a statement, said Nigerians did not vote for the All Progressives Congress, APC for it to “lament the mishandling of Nigeria by Peoples Democratic Party, PDP but to fix the wrongs in the polity.”

He said, “Fix Nigeria with your APC manifesto and stop making excuses. Why has Buhari started shouting that his inability to meet his obligations was because money was stolen from the vaults of Nigeria?”

The cleric added that the president had not attempted any measure of relief promised by his party during election, rather he was busy lamenting over split milk.

The statement noted that, “bemoaning the decadence of the past administrations as the reason of APC’s inability to perform is to say the least, a defeatist agenda.

“Depending on America, Europe and other international organizations to come to donate money or help recover what was stolen before you can progress or succeed is a statement of failure; this is a plan of deceit on the Nigeria populace.”

Source: Daily Post

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