IMPATIENCE – A Destructive vice

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Must we exhibit impatience in our daily relationship with others, especially to our loved ones. It is believed that we should show understanding even when it is obvious that the other persons may be at a fault or may have erred.

In the euphoria of enjoying an escaped, one could device many means not to scuttle that enjoyment, in the processes hurt others. Must we, most times try to show smartness in our dealings with loved ones or try to be overtly investigative or be seen to be doing just that to prove a point? I don’t think it is necessary, Do you?

 Must one try to be argumentative or unnecessary anger over resolvable matters. Anger could lead to frustration and stress.

In retrospect, I think, from personal point of view, patience, tolerance, fool acting can be helpful. It can help prevent catastrophic moments and preventable quarrels and arguments. Patience could prevent quarrels that can breed resentment, insecurity. it can prevent emotional breakdowns, it can prevent disaster, accidents and pains.

Looking the other way is a very difficult thing to do in a relationship,especially if one is at the receiving end.

But looking at life generally, every person deserves some level of space and freedom.

But what one does with this space is another thing altogether. But we all have a right to happiness at every turn of our lives. Allowing some space helps creates a congenial room for expression and communication for a good relationship.

Lets look at it from another point. Keep a child from playing.Subjected to routine class work, home work, chores at home, deprive the child from watching the television and play. What will be the child’s reaction….certainly, hate will set in, coldness will set in. The child will be unhappy. So it is in a relationship. Space without loosing the substance of your  relationship is important. Respect, respect for one another is vital. Space given is not room for unfaithfulness but should be utilized to build forms of expression of self, and overall, trust; this is important…Trust is the ultimate. Honesty helps to whittle down distrust. Learn to always tell the truth. Truth helps to sustain trust even when its hurts.

On a personal note, have I learnt some lesson of life in the past few days? The obvious answer to this is yes!! in a very positive way. We need Space, We need to be Trusted, We need Respect, We need Honesty, We need Happiness, We need Communication, We Need Love and We need good Relationship, most of all, we need to listen to ourself and to others

Do you know that one of the greatest attributes of the devil is patience.

If it is so, we all must cultivate this virtue and beat the devil to his own game to live happily ever.

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