NATIONAL EMBARRASSMENT……!Obama Travels To Kenya, Leaving Buhari Behind In US.

When i read this post made by Placid Ogbuehi on his facebook page, upon reflection amid some wild thinking. One the people that packaged this visit shouldn’t have allowed the presidents visit to overlap Obama’s Travel to Africa. But come to think of it. The reception of the Nigerian President at the airport by a mere US ambassador to Nigeria tells the whole story. The whole of American State department, none was at the airport to receive Buhari. There was no official Airport ceremonies, Inspection of guard of honour etc…..Well…

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President Obama have left the US to Kenya for his African tour that will take him Ethiopia also, leaving the Nigerian President, Maj Gen Muhammadu Buhari (rtd) in the US.
International Diplomats were not perplexed about this unusual development, as they are aware that Buhari’s visit was planned at his instance, through Mr David Axellrod (Obama former Campaign manager) and this overlapped Obama‘s long scheduled African tour.
Buhari’s visit was described by the US Foreign office as a private visit and not an official one and there is no way it will interfere with Obama’s official program.
The Nigerian President will not be coming back with any documented agreement with the US pledging any help on the Nigerian economy or the war on terror, implying that this N2.2billion tour succeeded in achieving nothing for Nigeria and is now another wasted journey.

Placid Ogbuehi's photo.
  • Credit: Facebook @ Placid Ogbuehi