How To Work Harder And Smarter

Dan Simms wrote How to work harder and smarter. Going through his essay below, one wonders what our 100% is equal to. Is your effort at achieving a 100% of a set goal equal that score based on your own effort and assessment.

Read Dan Simms below. your opinion about your self esteem will change.

We can always do better…..100% could be an infinite.

Have you ever given something 100% of your effort or focus? Chances are, you haven’t. Yesterday I went for a run, and I wanted to see how quickly I could run a mile. By the time I had ended, I realized that I was tired, but that I could have given more.

And then I thought about how that applied to other things. When I set out to do something, do I go only slightly above my level of comfort? I’ve held this belief for quite some time now, that humans rarely, if ever, give 100% of their energy or focus. I had a discussion with a friend about something similar, and it has led me to believe that, maybe from an evolutionary standpoint, our bodies and minds are capable of incredible things we never thought were impossible, but the expenditure of energy they require is so large that our subconscious minds deem it dangerous…so they stop us from exceeding a certain threshold.

But let’s be honest…we can all do more than we’re doing right now. We can all work at least a little harder. And maybe when you do, you redefine 100% effort for yourself, and you push the limits of your body and mind just a little further. Even if you add 0.2% effort each day, at the end of this week you will have changed your 100% to 101%. Keep going like that and the number of possibilities and opportunities you have will grow immensely.

So ask yourself: “Couldn’t I do work just a little harder?”