Learn To See The Future

What I mean by seeing the future is envisioning where you and others will be a year from now, or longer. Being able to envision the life that you will be living a year from now will accomplish two things: 1) it will help you get there…”we become what we think about,” and 2) it will help you see the things you’ll have to do to get there that won’t be so easy.

I’ve already done quite a bit of yammering about becoming what you think about. Wherever you focus your energy, as long as it is persistent and focused, you will get there. One of my mentors mentioned this about focus: there is a machine that cuts 3-in. slab of metal using a focused stream of water. If you had to guess, who would win: water or metal? The answer is water, as long as it is focused onto one small area of the metal, and persistently fires out of the machine.

This other part of seeing the future, being able to foresee difficulty, is a great tool as well. If you know where you want to go it means you can see some of the things along the way. Maybe you’re an employee now and you can see the future for yourself in which you are a business owner. Before you get there, you need to learn how to register a business, how to run a business, how to file taxes as a corporation…among many other hurdles. So see the possible difficulties in your future now, so you can be better prepared for them when they arrive.

Many people have dreams that turn out to be pipe dreams: they don’t realize what a certain lifestyle or career or relationship will entail. They are swept up by the allure of something because they are on the outside looking in, but once they get there they realize it isn’t all it seemed to have been – IRRATIONAL LIVING,LLC

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