Creating Your Life One Habit At A TIme

“Where focus goes, energy flows” is a quote from Tony Robbins, and it’s a great one.

If you think about it, the person you are is defined by your habits, the things you do every single day. You’re a coffee drinker because you get up every morning and drink coffee. If you’re in shape and healthy it’s because you make a habit of eating well and exercising.

But the habits go deeper than this, to our family, relationships, and careers as well. If you get up every morning and start writing books as a full-time job, then you’re an author, and no literary agency rejection can do anything about it. If you go to work as a salesperson but you don’t make cold calls or go door-to-door or learn the art of selling, you’re not really a salesperson.

The good news is that you can change those habits. You can start getting up a half hour earlier than normal to go for a run. You can choose to start eating healthier foods. You can come home from work every night and write 1,000 words…all that is keeping you from being what you want to be is a habit. Force yourself to keep a new habit for 30 days, and after that it will just become routine for you, and you won’t struggle with it anymore. You can become what you want to become in the next month if you just change your habits – IRRATIONAL LIVING, LLC