Photo: A Journey to Canan Land, the Food and the Environment

In Calabar for an assignment I was hungry and felt like eating Afang soup and Eba delicacies. And of course, I am in Canan city, the host city of Tinapa. Whatever happened to that lofty dream of Donald Duke? I will take a trip to the Tinapa and fill you in. Watch out.

Ok back to my Eba story.

Nice, well rolled up eba…. beautifully rolled up eba. I was hungry….Don’t ask me what happened to the beautiful rolled up eba.

Check the picture properly, the food was served with my bill as part of the course.

Paul Okonji's photo.
Paul Okonji's photo.
Coming to Calabar, my place of birth, brings back pleasant memories of my childhood days, the good old days. Can i speak the language…Efik? Yes!
I shared with my colleague while driving around the town…..I imagined that but for the civil war,  probably would have lived my adult life here.
It is a culture of the Effiks to live in a clean environment. The town is clean.
Its been along tiring day. My primary assignment here takes its toll. Water Engineering management consultancy could be tiring.
Good job Here, Greetings to All
Has it affected the blogging? Yes na! this is the reason for the low posting. Dont worry palls, I will adjust..