MIGRANTS STORM UK BORDER: Chanting mob of 200 storm tunnel entrance

Open the border – we’re going to the UK! Chanting mob of 200 storm tunnel entrance and pledge they won’t be stopped

Yesterday’s incident saw migrants tear down fences and charge past police, before being beaten back with tear gas. The crowd then regrouped and formed a human barricade and set up camp – blocking the road to the tunnel. Many were heard chanting: ‘Why do you kill us? Why did you kill my sister? We are coming to save our lives’

Flimsy defence: The mesh fences surrounding the Calais entrance to the Channel Tunnel are no match for those desperate to break through

An organised mob of 200 migrants charged into the Calais entrance of the Channel Tunnel early yesterday, chanting ‘open the borders’ and demanding to be allowed into Britain.

They tore down fences and charged past police, who retaliated by spraying tear gas.

When the migrants were finally beaten back, they regrouped to form a human barricade, blocking the road to the tunnel.

One migrant, who gave his name only as KD, 27, from the Sudan, said: ‘We want to go to England. We are 100. We are going to sit in the street. Tomorrow, we are going to camp in the road.’

Sit-in: French police watch as the crowd of migrants blocks an access road causing a long queue of lorries
Sit-in: French police watch as the crowd of migrants blocks an access road causing a long queue of lorries

Organised: Dozens of migrants make their way towards the Tunnel entrance in the early hours of Sunday morning

In later chants, the crowd shouted: ‘Why do you kill us? Why did you kill my sister? We are coming to save our lives. Why do we live inside the Jungle? Where are the rights of immigrants?’

Sammy later screamed that migrants were treated as badly in France as in Libya. When an onlooker said lorry drivers were ‘just doing their job’ and should be allowed to pass, several migrants shouted: ‘No one cares about our jobs. No one care about our sleep.’

For almost four hours, police did not try to move the migrants and a tailback of dozens of freight wagons filled the road.

Desperate and tired: A man sleeps in the middle of the road using his bag as a pillow in the early hours of Sunday morning

Barricade: Dozens of men blocked the road to the tunnel after being beaten back by French police with tear gas

Police response: A fleet of French police vans make their way to the chaotic scene in Calais last night

Refusing to budge: After staging their attempt to break through barriers into the tunnel, defiant migrants sit down together on the road

Earlier in the night, 40 migrants crawled through the same two holes which have been open in a fence at the Frethun suburb of Calais for weeks. Despite three army officers standing 400 yards away, no one was manning the gaps.

One man, Samwra from Libya, handed over his email address and said: ‘Add me on Facebook’ before charging towards the tracks with just a bottle of water in his hand.

Speaking to the Mail in the makeshift camp known as The Jungle, Niamat Ullah, 22, said: ‘I was an interpreter for three years for the US Army but I was threatened by the Taliban.’ Before arriving in Calais last week, Niamat travelled for five months through Turkey and Bulgaria. He said he continued to France because ‘Bulgarian people are worse than the Taliban’.

A spokesman for Eurotunnel yesterday said that efforts to access the tunnel were being carefully planned. He added: ‘What we saw looked very much like it was an organised activity.

‘We have been saying for some time that there is a degree of sophistication and organisation among migrants which shows it not simply people trying to get to UK but also organised criminal activity. It is shocking but perhaps not surprising given the scale of the problem. We need to remove the problem from the area.

‘It is a now a criminal crisis as well as a migration crisis. The governments need to act not only to protect the Channel Tunnel but break up criminal gangs.’

Source: Daily Mail UK