What We’re Afraid Of Most

I’ve been thinking a lot about Freud’s pleasure-principle recently, the idea that says we don’t know one thing unless we know its opposite, and so we limit our happiness in life which, in turn, limits the despair we can feel…we can’t know utter despair unless we have known utter happiness.

What I’ve been thinking about is that really all that means is we are afraid of loss. We’re so afraid of having something and losing it that we’ll deny ourselves that thing in the first place, even if it would bring us happiness. And then I was thinking about how lots of successful people have used visualization to get where they want to go in life, and I made a connection.

I think visualization is a way to bring those things that you want into your life. It’s been scientifically proven that your mind can’t tell the difference between a genuine and artificial input. So if you can relax and visualize having the thing you want most in life, if you can imagine so vividly the feelings you’ll get when you reach that point, and then go back to life without it, it will feel like you’ve lost that thing. And I think this is why visualization works, or at least one reason. It makes us experience the happiness and joy of having the life we want, and then we are plunged into the feeling of loss when we return to reality. This makes us unafraid to lose again because we know what it feels like, and it also helps us work toward the joyful feelings it brought us. So get to visualizing! – IRRATIONAL LIVING, LLC