Avoid Premature Aging Following These 7 Rules


Aging is a natural process and unfortunately it can’t be avoided.

Every person ages physically, but if you watch your skin rightly, you can look much younger. And if you exercise regularly and eat healthy you can feel younger as well.

All depends on your willpower to make a healthy lifestyle habits. People often make many mistakes which contribute to look older.

For example, they eat junk food, skip meals, don’t drink enough water and don’t get enough sleep. If you want to avoid premature aging you should make healthy lifestyle choices and follow the seven rules listed below:

1. Eliminate bad habits

 Drinking and smoking may help you feel relaxed, but they definitely will not make you look younger. There are numerous studies that point the smoking as one of the main reasons of premature aging. If you consume lots of alcohol and smoking a lot, you should be expected face dehydration, loss of elasticity, collagen, redness of the skin and premature wrinkles. Therefore, get rid of the bad habits that affect your skin looking older. Your body and your skin will thank you!

2. Take care of your hands, neck and shoulders

Sometimes your face can look younger than your real age, but your hands, neck and shoulders can instantly expose your true age. To prevent premature aging, it is essential to take care of these parts of the body each day. Moisturize your hands, neck and shoulders before sleep and apply a sunscreen during the day.

3. Avoid touching your face

Don’t touch your face to avoid acne. Don’t scratch your nose and don’t rub your eyes. The skin over your eyes is very sensitive and by not touching it you avoid the signs of aging.

4. Reduce sun exposure

This doesn’t mean that you must avoid the sun completely. The sun is good for us, especially for the vitamin D, but if you spend too much time exposed to the sun can lead to premature aging, wrinkles and skin cancer. Use a sunscreen when you leave home, even on rainy and cloudy days.


Source: Jews News