Military Man Meets 3 Stray Dogs. Watch What Happens When A Bomb Goes Off


Sgt. Chris Duke and his fellow National Guardsmen were serving in Afghanistan when a suicide bomber tried to attack his base in the middle of the night. Luckily they were saved by three stray dogs they had adopted while over there Rufus, Target, and Sasha all were barking feverishly at the man approaching their camp.
They actually blocked the suicide bomber from entering the camp, biting his leg in the process. All 50 soldiers survived that night due to these three dogs. Sadly, Sasha, the youngest pup, passed from sustained injuries.

One month later, Duke’s deployment ended and he had to return home with out his four legged friends. But Duke was determined to be reunited with the two surviving canines.

Hope for the Warriors, a group that works to grant the wishes of injured soldiers and their families, put out a call for help. Watch Duke Be reunited with his friends below:

Source: Quick Meme News