Deziani – My Friend Sanusi Betrayed Me With Outrageous $20 Billion Claim

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    “Sanusi and I had been friends. There was no way I would have done anything bad to him,” she said in a recent interview.

    Emir Sanusi when he was governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, had alleged that $20bn was missing from the state’s coffers under Diezani’s leadership.

    “If there is one issue I must pursue in this world, it is the biggest lie of this money. How can $20billion disappear just like that? Where did it disappear to? Is it possible that such an amount would not be traceable?” she said.

    “This is more painful coming from someone I considered a good friend who should appreciate the gravity of such allegation.

    She also said she discussed the Emir’s interest to become president of the African Development Bank.

Source: Nigerian Bulletin