My good friend Ena Ofugara had this to say on the new law n Eritrea hat compels men to marry two wives or go to jail forever……..

Read this…. Ena has adapted Eritrea as his new country…..Trust naija guys, many will maigrate to Eritrea to help boost the population of the war ravaged country… scarce…but in Naija, according to Obansanjo 2006 census, men plenty pass women in naija……….May be we go export our excess mojos to Eritrea….lol!!

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Ena wrote this…….

In my former country Nigeria, you need a big car to have a fine girl like this. For YELLOW sisi like this, you have to work extra hard. Even Oshiomole had to go to Cape Verde cos Nigeria yellow sisi, you must be handsome and rich, not just rich.

But for us Eritreans, with our Okada, we can get yellow sisi. TWO FOR THAT MATTER.

In Nigeria, can your two babes agree to be in one place? You have to be Alaafin of Oyo. You ven need to keep your two babes in different towns and countries and you will still have problems.

In MY COUNTRY ERITREA, the two women are like sisters. We all live in same room and same eat from same plate.

I love my country ERITREA.

Ena Ofugara's photo.
The new law in Eritrea compels men to marry two wives of go to jail for life and women who refuse serves a life jail term.   Ba shaka….!!
Credit: Facebook @ Ena Ofugara
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