Eighty-year-old woman is unrecognisable after her granddaughter gives her a glamorous contouring makeover – and the internet loves it

Tea Flego, from Croatia, gives her grandma Livia makeovers

  • The makeup artist uses contouring and highlighter to change her looks
  • Tea posted the results online to her 48,000 Instagram followers 

Grandma Livia, from Croatia, is given makeovers by her granddaughter Tea FlegoUsing modern trends like contouring, Livia looks completely different

An 80-year-old grandmother has been left looking like a movie star after being given contouring makeovers by her granddaughter.

Grandma Livia loves makeup and so Tea Flego, who lives in Pula, Croatia, made the elderly woman feel glamorous by using the technique loved by Kim Kardashian.

Livia, who lives in a nursing home, looks extremely different after makeup artist Tea worked her magic and has attracted many fans after the results were posted to her 48,000 Instagram followers.

Oh mine! Fine artistic makeover……Does this change anything! ok just a superficial outlook that will wear off in an hour and old granny normal features remains.

Source: Mail online