As a flock of Sheep Crossed my Path.

I was driving home from not too successful outińg at abot 4.45pm local time.

My mind was filled with thoughts.

I had stopped along Bauchi road a chat with a friend, Sani Marshall.

Appraching Eogon Dutse, these sheeps were feeding on my side of the road.

Suddenly, three of the sheep decided to cross to the other side of the road to continue with feeding and of course, they were busy eating crass, oblivious of the approaching car, my car of course.

Just as i was about passing, the remaining heard decided to join the others who had crossed.

At this point, a fulani man also was passing on my side of the road, he had no businesses with the sheeps, however, the man pursed and waited to see if i will run over any of the sheep.

Then it down on me, what could have been the reaction of the fulani passer by if i had ran over any of the sheep.

Would he have reacted negatively towards me, based on the premium they place on animals over any other human consideration.

Though the sheep are not his.

Just reflected on it as i was about to retire for the day.

If the worse had happened between myself and the sheep, could the worst have happened between my self and my fulani watcher.