View Africa re[orts that Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari Declares War on Niger Delta Militants, Deploys over 10,000 troops to the region. this may not come as a surprise to close watchers of the unfolding event judging from the apparent  support the Nigerian government enjoys from the American government who had in 2011 predicted the breakup of Nigeria. meanwhile the country is in recession yet have deployed scarce resources that should have been deployed for developmental projects to war




BREAKING NEWS!!! President Muhammadu Buhari Declares War on Niger Delta Militants. Deploys 10,000 troops and military equipment to the region.

Following the news reading from one of our correspondence who reported that the Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari yesterday in Abuja declared war on the militants and announced the deployment of over 10,000 troops and military equipment to the region.

One of the top military personnel claimed that, another reason the president deployed military troops was to fight and stop the kidnapping of citizens for ransom in the coastal region of the country.


In a meeting with the delegates from the United States of American Institute of Peace, President Buhari assured the delegation that the task force will work with his administration to combat with the on going war against corruption, and all form of irregularities and terrorism taking place in the country. Buhari further stated that every necessary action and mechanism have been put in place to ensure that the respect for human right will be a major key in his administration.

“we attach great importance to human right, if anybody breaches that, they will be investigated and dealt with appropriately” Buhari explained, he further stated that his administration is open for growth and international support, especially from the country the United States of America and the European Union. Speaking at the meeting, the director of the delegates Ms. Nancy Lindborg, who led the institutes of delegation applauded the progress made by President Buhari’s administration to ensure greater security in Nigeria, she further promised the continuos assistance of the institute for development going on in the country.

SOURCE: view Africa