The Hopeless and Inhumane Change Failed on Arrival – Unity to The Rescue   -OLUSEGUN PHILIPS -ALONGE



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This write up captures the comprehensive deciet propagated on the Nigerian masses by the current Nigerian government but he also profred solution.

This is a must read for every right thinking and patriotic Nigerian.


In my open letter to the President on December 22, 2015, I cautioned that the president’s antiquated fiscal policies would shrink the economy, lead to mass unemployment, capital flight, inflation, and extreme loss of wealth by the citizenry. I have also highlighted the adverse civil rights and economic impacts of this administration’s policies in my subsequent discussions to date.

Judging by the policy direction of the past 15 months, it is evident the Buhari administration is solely focused on using economic hardship to grind the nation to submission. I say this because of the apparent lack of effort to reverse the adverse economic conditions. Inflation is north of 17%; the Naira is down 113% from 4 months ago, and the economy has shrunk every quarter since June 2015. The economy is in full-fledged recession for the first time in three decades and under any democratically elected president. Unfortunately, Adeosun said the recession is nothing but a mere word; quite an insensitive and irresponsible charlatan.


The price of petroleum products has increased while hoping that Kachikwu’s promise of magical price depression will hold true. Magu’s draconian EFCC is an effective civil rights assault tool against the people as it usurps the traditional roles of the courts in matters as simple as bigamy. Idris and his Nigerian Police have assumed the duty of free speech suppression, including the violation of the rights to give a pet dog any names. True to form, Osibajo claimed the Nigerian police is among the finest in the world; he must be ignorantly speaking to the otherwise.


In parallel to 1984 during the regime of a certain reclusive army general, the East-West industrial hub is taking it on the chin again. The viable companies that were once on the verge of attaining global status are closing daily at an alarming rate. Investors are flocking out of the nation on the next available flights if any. Foreign businesses are shipping out to other destinations by the trove because of the impossibilities of Buhari’s polices.  Instead of gaining 2 million jobs as promised, Buhari’s Nigeria has lost more than 2 million high paying jobs in that past 12 months alone.

Despite the ongoing historical economic hardship, the Buhari administration continues to pursue innovative ways of milking the masses to death by imposing a 10% tax on mobile voice, text, and data services. While it may be reasonable to charge a one-time source tax on recharge cards, it is criminal to levy a direct tax on voice, text, and data usage. Aside from the double taxation implications, doing so amounts to taxing the people for free speech. Taxation of free speech has no place in a democracy; it is the best indicator of tyrannical suppression of civil rights. I urge every Nigerian to please stand up and be counted on this matter, say no to free speech taxation.

The Buhari administration is yet to record any positive achievement, neither has it proposed or implemented any humane policies to ease the suffering of Nigerians. The claim that Boko Haram is technically defeated is just what it is; an utter mockery and political propaganda of the immense proportion. The corrupt and unprofitable anti-corruption effort cannot tell us exactly how much it spent to recover whatever it claimed to have recovered versus how much it could not recover.


Despite the fact that Buhari continues to plunge the nation into internal and external debts, Nigerians are hungrier and more jobless than any time in the history of the country. The healthcare system is so imperiled the president had to treat ear infection in a London Hospital. Polio and other diseases once considered history are beginning to make a come back in Buhari’s Nigeria.


The paltry foreign and domestic policies are at best insensitive and divisive photo opportunities and “I’ve been to” shows. Everywhere you look, you see the failure of the inhumane policies and the hopelessness of expecting any good performance from this administration. Generally speaking, the Buhari led APC government has failed itself, it has failed Nigerians, and it’s on the way to disappointing its international believers.


It is clear this government does not have what it takes to unite and redeem Nigeria from its economic perils; neither is it capable of relieving the financial pinch on the people. Bravo to the hopefuls, it is time to start working on how to remove this administration come 2019. This does not mean the return of any failed political operators or party, but the renewal of the Nigerian promise by electing new and unsoiled hands to man and captain the ship.


As I see it, these are national issues that bite all of us equally. The northerners do not have it any better than their southern compatriots. We are all in the same boat and at the mercy of the same heartless captain and crew members. Consequently, ethnoreligious or geopolitical name calling or blame trading is detrimental to our common survival.


The instant challenge is that of uniting to seek a viable solution; the solution that will work for all ethnicities, the elites, the herdsmen, the farmers, the market women, the students, and the local and foreign businesses alike.

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