Facebook Released Numbers From Last Night’s Debate, and They’re Incredible

Facebook just released details about who was watching and discussing last night’s heated presidential debate between Republican nominee Donald J. Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton.

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The results are record breaking, and shattered all expectations.

In just 90 minutes of debate, there were more than 73,800,000 comments, likes, posts, and shares. The issues ranged from the Islamic State (ISIS) to racism and taxes.

So which candidate was more popular on Facebook? There is no question: The winner on Facebook was Donald Trump

According to Facebook, 79 percent of the conversations were about Trump while 21 percent were focused on Clinton.

During the debate, Trump repeated his ultimatum that he would release his tax returns if Clinton released the 30,000 emails that were reportedly deleted when she was secretary of state.

I will release my tax returns — against my lawyer’s wishes — when she releases her 33,000 emails that had been deleted,” Trump told the crowd at Hofstra University.

These numbers matter more than television viewers, as the most engaged and active voters are on Facebook. Not only do they vote, they influence hundreds of their own friends to do the same.

It’s clear that all the excitement, passion, and enthusiasm is on Donald Trump’s side. Hillary Clinton’s supporters would rather attack Trump’s conservatism than defend Hillary Clinton’s decades of political corruption.

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Source: The Political Insider