Nigerian President Gives Condition to Allow Biafra Cecede

I’ll Allow Biafra To Secede If Only Niger Delta Will Remain In Nigeria – Buha

In a hush-hush meeting allegedly held by some of the Northern leaders with President Muhammadu Buhari early this month, the President revealed to the Northern Leaders that serious pressure is being mounted on him, to obey the United Nations Charter on Self-Determination, and unconditionally release the detained leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu.
According to Buhari, he was also advised to desist from further violation of Kanu’s fundamental Human Rights alongside Rights of other Biafra agitators held in different Nigerian prisons, and to also allow for a UN monitored referendum to test if the people of Biafra wish to continue with Nigeria or not.
He also told them that international community said that they have enough evidence that he (Buhari) and his government is violating the fundamental Human Rights of Biafrans by using brutal force on Biafrans during peaceful protests and rallies.
He also told the Northern Leaders that if nothing is done urgently, that one day, the North will wake up and lose all they asset of Nigeria to Biafra, that there may soon be a UN statement on issue of Biafra and the violation of their fundamental Human Rights, which may result to a call for Biafra referendum.
According to the source, after their deliberations, Buhari told the Northern leaders that he will only allow Biafra to go on one condition, and that the condition according to him, is that the Niger Delta will be carved out-to remain in Nigeria, then only the Igbo-speaking States of South-East will be allowed to go as Biafra.
Also, that all the national assets such as refineries, sea ports, airports, telecomm, etc, belonging to federal government, especially those located within the Biafra territory, must be completely sold off before the referendum would be allowed to take place.

Source: Orienal Times