The hour, the down of today….yesterday’s reflections

It’s been a new daybreak to a near freezing temperature of 8’c early today, now climbing to 13’C in Jos as I write.

This is an indication that the year is fast running to its end, the harmatan or our small winter is setting in.


Today is Sunday the 6th, getting set to worship service, yesterday was eventful had a first sight of my twins, Chimno and Ken at school since leaving home on the 19th September 2016.

They look different, slightly emaciated, that is understood. See photos. The effect of the beginning of a new phase in life, learning to live on their own. My pleasure really!! Am i really glad to see them. Trust mothers to put in elaborate preparations to this visit. Many chickens lost their lives to garnish the dishes for this occasion.

Had to almost replenish the provisions of the twin boy as he has used up a full term provision in half term. Surprised he is called Father Christmas by his mates. It is said that he gives out his provisions at will. He was cautioned against sharing his provision indiscriminately even in this time of recession. Not when we were informed by the school authority of an immediate increase in the boarding fees with immediate effect to cushion the effect of the economic recession. This is not funny as we’re are to pay 50% of the increased cost now. By the end of the visitation, we were grateful to God we did. Senior brother Diba was not left out as yesterday was his school day out and he joined the party.


For Chelsea supporters, warm greetings. It was a well deserved victory. Temporarily topping the table. But Arsenal remains the team to beat. That is the reality talk….who knows how the the north London derby will come off…..i am optimistic of a win for arsenal.


Today is the big north London Derby.

Arsenal will come tops as usual. The countdown began 6am this morning. Here is wishing every Gooners in the world a big win. Chelsea are on top albeit temporarily. The top is for the gooners to keep to the end of the league.


Here is wishing you top of the day and a happy week ahead