Success Is In Your Mouth

You want to make a change in your life? Change the way you think. How do you do that? Change the way you talk to yourself. You don’t talk to yourself? What are you crazy? Start!

I know you do. You might mutter something under your breath about how the guy who just cut you off is an idiot. You might curse the work you have to do or scold yourself for spilling a drink on the carpet. Everyone does it. And more important is the silent self-talk we all do.

So instead of saying those things, start saying positive things. Say out loud that maybe the guy who cut you off is rushing to the hospital, or home for something important. You’ll notice a difference. Instead of getting momentary anger from the situation, you might just shrug it off. Talking yourself calmly through an annoying situation can help you shrug it off.

And if you ever talk to yourself silently, make sure you’re saying positive things. That’s a must!

It makes a big difference in your life. As soon as you start getting overwhelmed by your work, or by a conversation, or anything, just take a deep breath and talk to yourself calmly. Reassure your subconscious mind that you can handle whatever you’re about to do.

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