Read How Northern Power Brokers Plot To Rule For 16 Years

How can Nigeria as an entity make remarkable progress when all our leaders think about is regional rather than national interest. How to share rather how to build, invest, explore, manufacture, technological breakthrough. India has more ethnic groupings than Nigeria yet, have strived to make progress in all spheres of technological, Agriculture, science and medicine breakthrough. Yet, here we are in this present time of need and how to make progress in the right direction are preoccupied with myopic and selfish thinking. Going by this report, our northern brothers are concerned with plotting on how to sustain their grip on power perpetually. They have had power for many years in the past, of what gain was their monopoly on power to the region. The earlier the so called northern oligarch realize of the futility of their game plan as there is no more northern region in Nigeria the better for all. We should be directing our thinking on development of Nigeria as a country based on the principle of the six geopolitical zones. This self deceit will not lead them anywhere. What a Shame!!!

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Recent elections in the National Assembly which resulted in Senator Bukola Saraki and Hon. Yakubu Dogara emerging as Senate President and Speaker of the House of Representatives, respectively, as well as calls for Chief John Odigie-Oyegun’s resignation as the chairman of the All Progressives Congress, APC, are all parts of a grand ploy by the core-north to remain in power at the centre till 2027, Nigerian Pilot can exclusively report.

This was revealed to this newspaper by some members of the 7th National Assembly, one of them a core associate of Sokoto State governor, Aminu Tambuwal, who was the immediate past speaker of the lower house.

Lambasting APC national leader and former Lagos State governor, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, for what he called his “political naivety and goof of the century,” the ex-legislator berated him for not being able to read between the lines that politics at the centre is not anything close to what obtains in Lagos and lately in the South-West zone, where he has been the “Alpha and Omega” of economic and political decisions since 1999.

According to our sources, the decision (16-year rule) was the outcome of a series of efforts and highly classified meetings by core northern stakeholders to strategise on how the region would be in power for the next 16 years in order to revenge the emergence of ex-President Goodluck Jonathan in 2011, as well as the massive support given to him then by the South-West. However, the final meeting where the decision was sealed was held four weeks ago in Kaduna, which presided over by an emerging powerful northern Emir who once played a key role in the nation’s economy but was removed by a former president under controversial circumstances before becoming a monarch.

As our sources revealed, Tinubu’s failure to put his men at the helm of affairs in the National Assembly was orchestrated by the northern leaders in line with the agreements reached at the highly classified Kaduna meeting, which had both former Vice President Atiku Abubakar and Governor Tambuwal – the two arrowheads of the grand poly – some traditional rulers, notable ex-military and political leaders of the core-north in attendance.

Atiku to succeed Buhari

Going by the grand plan, the most important decision allegedly taken by the Kaduna meeting was that everything possible must be done to ensure that Atiku succeeds President Muhammadu Buhari in 2019, with Governor Rochas Okorocha as his deputy to pave the way for Governor Tambuwal to come in at the completion of his eight-year tenure as governor. He is expected to run for four years from 2023, or alternatively, for him (Tambuwal) to come in 2019 and do a two-term of eight years till 2027, with his former deputy in the House of Representatives, Hon. Emeka Ihedioha.

The plan here, according to the pro-Tambuwal ex-legislator, is to win back South-East, the north’s traditional ally before 1999, play around the South-South, isolate and whittle down the South-West influence on Nigerian politics before 2019.

Curtailing S/West’s influence

In order to achieve the core-north’s ploy of 16 straight years at the federal level, other strategic plans alleged to have been ratified by the Kaduna meeting is to curtail ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo’s influence on President Buhari. Indeed, the meeting allegedly resolved to impress it on Buhari not to easily give in to Obasanjo’s demands and overtures as he could turn around to attack Buhari at the slightest displeasure, as he did to Jonathan.

According to the script of the core-north leaders at the meeting, Tinubu must also be cut to size in every ramification as a sign of genuine commitment by President Buhari to his declared war on graft, for which he has enjoyed national and international acclaim.

The former lawmaker revealed that a prelude to this is that Vice President Yemi Osinbajo has so far been “banned” from attending any of the national security meetings Buhari has held with service chiefs since he assumed power on May 29.

Aside from the Kaduna meeting, Nigerian Pilot learnt that as part of plans by the core-north to hold on to power at the centre till 2027, it has secretly assembled a group of Euro-American trained and highly paid best brains from the region with some foreign partners for the sole objective of strategising for economic survival and development of the region between now and 2027, as well as for the next 50 years.

This group is allegedly being currently housed in absolute comfort in one of the adjacent streets to Mississippi Crescent, Maitama in Abuja

Source: Leak Times